Children's play swing considerations

Time: 2019-09-25
Summary: How should children play swings?
When children play on a swing, they usually need parents to help. For children of one and a half years old, parents can choose a seat-type swing and fasten their seat belts to prevent children from losing their hands and accidents. When you are over 3 years old, you can try the soft film seat that is common in parks. The strength of the promotion is gradually increased. Parents can stand on the side of the swing and gently push the child's knees, and take the opportunity to observe the child's expression: if the child's expression is scared, the reduction will even stop immediately; if the expression is happy, then Try to push up a bit. After the child gradually became familiar with the swing, the parents changed to stand behind the child and gently push the child's back. This kind of push is safer for both adults and children, and can be pushed higher. Children around 6 years old can start using the balance of the body, muscles and other perceptions, and swing the swings on their own.

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