How to Choose the Right Swing for Children?

How to Choose the Right Swing for Children?


Choosing the right swing for children can add a lot of childhood fun, but we also need to consider some factors when choosing. This article will specifically introduce the method of choosing the right swing for children.

different types of swing frames and swing sets

Different types of swings are suitable for children of different ages. If we choose inappropriate swings for children, it may cause children to have dangerous situations in the process of playing. According to the important factors of swing material, load-bearing capacity, and children's age, we have listed the following types of swings suitable for different children.

Applicable Age of Swing

Infants & Toddlers

Though many kid's swing sets are designed to be used as children age, infants and toddlers have their own safety and comfort requirements that can't be met by large, all-inclusive swing sets. Swing sets that are safe for infants and toddlers are short, plastic structures that minimize the likelihood of strain and injury. The outdoor swings are typically super secure, with straps, harnesses, or other safety features that would prevent a child from falling out. These swing sets often come with other enriching features and games, including slides, mini basketball hoops, and small soccer nets.


Though still shorter and generally safer than full-size swing sets, swing sets designed for preschoolers are very similar to those designed for older children. Instead of plastic, many preschooler-friendly swing sets are made of wood. These structures typically lack more complex features that would put their strength to the test, including monkey bars.


As you begin to shop for swing sets for older, school-age children, you might notice that the sizes and features of the swing sets you're browsing are becoming more and more similar. This is because many swing sets are designed to last; they're meant to be used by children from when they are just starting school until they outgrow swings all together. Swing sets for school-age children are full-size swing sets with enough height and challenging features to still be exciting as they grow. They can have monkey bars, rock walls, trapeze bars, and more. If you're shopping for kids between 5 and 8 years old, you can get away with installing a metal structure instead of a wooden one; however, if you want your child to be able to safely use their swing set until adolescence, opt for wood.

Swing Set Weight Capacity

Weight capacity is a chief concern when it comes to buying a new swing set, as you'll want to choose a swing set that can safely accommodate all of your children and their friends. If you have very young children, you can safely go with a swing set with a weight capacity of under 100 lbs., as such swing sets are specifically designed to be outgrown. But if you anticipate keeping a swing set around as your children age, you might want to consider a larger set with a higher weight capacity, just to be safe.

Under 100 lbs

As these are swing sets designed for only infants and toddlers to use, we won't include counts of how many older children can safely use them at a time. Most infant and toddler swing sets can hold two to three infants or toddlers at once.

101–200 lbs

Most kids' swing sets in this category are still designed for toddlers-only use; they can hold two to three toddlers at once. Other swing sets in this category can safely hold three to five preschoolers or one to two 7-year-olds.

201–300 lbs

Built to safely hold one to two 12-year-olds or three to four 7-year-olds, the wooden swing sets in this category begin to resemble full-size wooden swing sets designed for much older children.

301–400 lbs

Swing sets in this category tend to be metal swing sets without any additional structures, they're basic metal frames with two or more swings attached. These swings are designed to safely hold two to three 12-year-olds or six to seven 7-year-olds, however, the number of swings they have will limit the number of people who can hang onto these swing sets at one time.

Over 400 lbs

If you want a swing set that will withstand the test of time and age, a swing set in this category is your best bet. These swing sets can safely hold at least four 12-year-olds or at least eight 7-year-olds at a time, sometimes more. Most swing sets in this category are made of sturdy wood that can handle a lot of wear.

Swing Set Frame Material


Sturdy, gorgeous, and classic, wooden swing sets are some of the best swing sets available. You won't need to worry about splinters, rot, or breakdown for many years, as high-quality wooden swing sets are treated to last. If you have young children and want to invest in an outdoor play structure that they can rely on as they age, a wooden swing set is an incredibly solid choice. The only downsides are that installation of these swing sets can be long and expensive, and they are not termite-proof.


Metal swing sets are a reliable choice for younger children, especially if you're looking for a more affordable option than wood. They're easier to assemble and install than wooden swing sets and won't rust thanks to their protective finish. That said, metal swing sets aren't as sturdy as wooden swing sets and might not hold the weight of several older children. If you have older kids who are very physical, a metal swing set isn't the best choice.


Plastic swing sets are temporary structures built only for very young children. These short, smooth plastic structures are made from a material that should not be irritating to babies' skin, making them perfect for babies and toddlers. Plastic swing sets don't install into the ground; they can be moved around and can even be used both indoors and outdoors. They typically have one secure, baby-safe swing and one short, toddler-friendly slide. They do not have the sturdiness or durability to withstand the activity of any children above toddler age.

Because children's own safety awareness is relatively weak, When choosing a children’s swing, the first priority is to consider safety. If you want to know more about children's swing after reading the above, you can contact us for more detailed solutions.

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