How to Maintain Wooden Outdoor Play Sets?

How to Maintain Wooden Outdoor Play Sets?


Regular maintenance of wooden outdoor playsets can extend their service life. This article will specifically introduce the methods of maintaining wooden outdoor playsets.

the methods of maintaining wooden outdoor playground equipment

Over time, your wooden outdoor playsets may be damaged. When you perform regular maintenance, you can find problems early through inspections and deal with them in time. This can keep outdoor playsets in a good condition, thereby extending their service life. This article will specifically introduce the methods of maintaining wooden outdoor playground equipment.

1. Stain and seal the wood

If you want to change the appearance of the structure and provide a little protection, you can choose to dye. If you want to dye the game set to make it look new, choose a color that matches the natural tone of the wood. Before staining, clean the wood to remove dirt and other debris. Allow the wood to dry for at least 24 hours, if the weather is humid, please wait longer.

When staining wood, be careful to avoid staining metal and plastic parts. Removing any detachable parts will help avoid dripping stains on these parts.

If you live in a harsh climate, it may cause the kid's outdoor playsets, to wear out more quickly. It is a good idea to seal all the wood to provide an extra layer of protection.

You usually need to reapply the sealant every one to three years, depending on the environment. Use a waterproof sealant on the wood to lock in moisture. The sealant will minimize the amount of moisture entering the wood, thereby preventing wood rot, mold, and other problems caused by moisture.

Some sealants can also protect the wood from UV damage, which can make the toy set last longer. Sunlight will dry out the wood, which may cause cracking and damage. Ultraviolet rays can also cause wood to fade. If possible, choose a waterproof sealant with UV protection that is designed for outdoor use.

2. Regular inspection

Regular inspections are an easy way to maintain outdoor play equipment. This maintenance step allows you to detect any problems early, thereby helping to extend the life of the equipment and ensure the safety of your children. If you do not conduct a thorough inspection, you may not notice some minor problems.

A monthly inspection of the kid's outdoor playsets used throughout the year. If you stop using the toy set in winter, be sure to check for the first time in the spring before your child starts using the device again.

In order to make your amusement facility inspection effective, please check the following:

(1) Check all bolts and screws to make sure they have not fallen off. Tighten the bolts and screws to ensure stability.

(2) Check the hooks and connections of the fixed swing and other detachable components, such as ropes, chains, and similar items.

(3) Check whether the metal parts are rusty. Lubricate moving metal parts to prevent rust.

(4) Check the components to make sure everything is level and even. Inspect all areas for protruding debris or sharp surfaces.

(5) Walk around the equipment and check whether there are safety issues around.

3. Protect the wood outdoor playsets before winter

Although outdoor playsets can adapt to a variety of climates, winter will bring harsh conditions, which may lead to rapid wear and tear of accessories. The cold temperature makes the material brittle and easily cracked. Things like the weight of snow and ice cause stress. You can remove all detachable parts before the first snowfalls to protect your toy set. 

Store these items in an area that is not affected by the weather. Garages, sheds, and basements are suitable choices, which can protect your wood outdoor playsets from the snow and ice that may be encountered outdoors.

Another method is to use a large tarp to cover the entire outdoor playsets in winter. Secure the tarp firmly with a bungee cord to prevent it from being blown away in the cold wind. Covering the entire playset can protect all components, including the wooden structure.

4.Frequent cleaning

Frequent cleaning helps remove dirt and debris that has accumulated on the structure. You can use a garden hose to flush away shallow dirt. The water pressure helps to clean the wood without causing any damage.

Another option for removing dirt, mold, and other debris is to scrub with a soft brush with soap and water. Avoid using a wire brush, as it will damage the wood, leaving small marks and gouging holes. After completion, spray the playset with a hose to rinse off all remaining dirt and soap.

The ultimate goal of cleaning and maintaining outdoor amusement facilities is to allow children to have a safe environment while playing. If you want to know more about outdoor amusement equipment after reading the above, you can get professional solutions by contacting us.

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