8 Tips to Extend the Service Life of Wooden Swings

8 Tips to Extend the Service Life of Wooden Swings


Only the correct maintenance of the wooden swing can ensure the safety of its use and prolong its service life. This article will specifically introduce the maintenance techniques of wooden swings.

the maintenance techniques of wooden swings

If you have decided to buy a wooden swing set for your child, then you definitely want it to extend its life as much as possible. The following tips can not only make your swing set look brand new and beautiful but also keep it safe and stable for many years to come.

1. Buy a swing set made of the best materials

Swing sets are usually made of one of three types of wood: mahogany,  pressure-treated (PT), and cedar.

Although mahogany is the most expensive wood used in swing manufacturing, it is naturally resistant to corrosion and damage. If the mahogany is not waterproofed annually, it will turn black and gray. As unpreserved wood, mahogany also needs to be cleaned, stained, or painted regularly. Because it is a kind of cork, the mahogany toy set usually needs additional steel frame support in areas with large traffic such as stairs.

The price of the PT pine swing set is between the cedar and mahogany swing. Because of the use of non-toxic copper-based preservatives, PT pine is 100% safe for humans, animals and the environment, and pressure treatment can protect the pine trees from rot and insects. PT pine can withstand severe weather conditions and absorbs more moisture than cedar or redwood. It is recommended to seal your PT Pine swing device every two years.

The price of cedar is about twice that of PT pine, and it is naturally resistant to decay and damage. However, because cedar has not undergone anti-corrosion treatment, it needs to be cleaned, dyed, or painted regularly.

2. Keep it clean

Be sure to clean your swing device and check all hardware before the start of the season of use, and then check it twice a month after that. If any hardware is damaged or rusted, please replace it immediately.

3. Weatherproof seal

Wood that has not been pressure treated needs to be protected with a weatherproof sealant. These products form a shell-like surface on the outside of the wood to prevent rainwater from infiltrating and prevent problems such as mold and rot.

4. Choose high-quality hardware

Prevent common problems of bolt corrosion by purchasing swing sets that use high-quality hardware. Hot-dip galvanized screws and bolts are the most flexible hardware options. They can prevent rust and corrosion. With these types of fasteners, you can also save the time of having to stuff the screws during installation.

5. Spray insect repellent

At the beginning of each season, use a child-friendly, harmless insect repellent to spray around the swing set. This will keep the ants and carpenters away. Carpenter bees are especially harmful to non-PT wood swing groups because they will drill holes in your wood to lay eggs. But although some chemicals in China can be used to repel insects, they may also be harmful to humans, so you need to be careful when using them.

6. Check whether the wood is rotten

This is most likely to occur where wood that has not been treated by PT touches the ground. If decay is found, replace the rotting wood immediately.

7. Painting

Painting or staining your wooden swing device will also add protection. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions to ensure that the coating is suitable and applied correctly.

8. Cover

Prolonged exposure to wind, rain, or snow will shorten the life of the wooden swing. It is recommended to cover the device with a tarp when not in use, especially in the rainy season and winter.

If the wooden swing is corroded due to improper maintenance, then the safety of children when playing cannot be guaranteed, so we must do the above maintenance measures. If you want to know more about wooden swings after reading the above content, you can get a comprehensive solution by contacting us.

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