How to Make a DIY Kids Tire Swing?

How to Make a DIY Kids Tire Swing?


Tire swings can help children exercise their muscles and enhance coordination. This article will share with you the specific steps of making DIY children's swings.

the specific steps of making DIY children's swings
The tire swings are large and usually used by two or three children at the same time, they can also help children exercise several different muscle groups in the body, improve coordination and motor skills, and form strong muscles. In addition to purchasing, we can also DIY the tire swing by ourselves, the specific steps are as follows.

Pick the correct tree

Chances are, if you’re looking into how to make a DIY tire swing, you already have a tree in mind for mounting it. Just make sure that it’s large, healthy, and the branch that will hold the tire swing is at least 8 inches thick. If a tree shows signs of decay or has cracks or dead branches, it’s not suitable for a tire swing.

It is neccessary to make sure there’s enough clearance between where the tire hangs and the trunk of the tree as well as the ground. And remove large rocks or other tripping hazards from the area beneath the swing.

Find the right size tire

Any standard-size passenger car rubber tire will work for a swing, though you could use a smaller or larger tire as long as you factor the weight into your specific project. If you find a used tire, be sure it has some tread left to prevent any wires from popping through the surface and scratching or poking swing users.

Clean the tire

Give the tire a thorough cleaning with a pressure washer. If you don’t have the right tool, take the tire to the car wash to clean it with one of the high-pressure hoses on the premises.

Drill drainage holes in the tire

When you’re ready—that is, when you’re satisfied with the cleanliness of the tire—drill holes in the bottom of the tire to prevent water from pooling when it rains. You don’t want mosquitoes to get wind of any standing water! On that note, you’ll also want to check for bees, wasps, and other insect pests each time you or your kids use the tire swing.

Determine the maximum weight your tire swing will hold. That includes the weight of kids (or adults) that will use it as well as the weight of the tire you choose. Then select a heavy-duty braided exterior rope that is rated for three times that weight.

Tie a double bowline knot

Cut a section of rope to the desired length plus a little bit extra for tying a couple of knots. If needed, melt the ends to keep the rope from fraying. Tie a double bowline knot on one end of the rope, making sure to leave a little slack in the loop portion of the knot.

Hang your rope

Toss the knot end of the rope over the tree branch. If you need a little help, place a softball in a sock and tie the sock to the knot end of the rope; then toss the ball over the branch. Thread the opposite end of the rope through the loop of the bowline knot and pull it tight. The knot will travel upwards until it finally reaches the branch.

Suspend the tire

Tie another double bowline knot around the top of the tire, tightening it so the tire hangs at the desired height off of the ground.

Test the tire swing

Have the heaviest member of your family test the tire swing to ensure its strength.

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