How to Use the Correct Steps to Make a Stable Tire Swing?

How to Use the Correct Steps to Make a Stable Tire Swing?


This article specifically shares the specific steps of assembling the tire swing so that parents can install the tire swing correctly and provide a safe play environment for children.

the specific steps of assembling the tire swing
The tire swing has a strong carrying capacity and can provide unlimited fun for children at all stages. We can also use the following steps to correctly make a strong tire swing, and provide an interesting play environment for our children.


(1) U-bolts
(2) Steel chain

(3) Old tire

(4) Carabiner

(5) Spring clip


(1)1/2″ drill bit

(2) Drill

Specific steps

(1) Gather your materials and find an old tire to use. It should be clean and in good enough condition to ensure it will be able to handle whatever weight is put on it. If you plan to paint your tire at all, do so before assembling the swing.

You can choose whatever size tire you would like, but keep in mind that a very large tire could possibly weigh too much for a standard tree branch.

(2) Choose which side of the tire is the least attractive and drill evenly spaced drainage holes along its sidewall. This will be the bottom of your swing and the holes will help to easily drain any collecting rainwater.

(3) Flip the tire over to the top side to position and drill a set of holes for the u-bolts.

(4) Repeat 1/3 of the way around the tire, then once more another 1/3 of the way around the tire.

(5) After you have accurately measured each U-bolt placement, begin attaching the chain by taking one side of the U-bolt out and sliding on the very last link of the chain.

(6) Repeat with the other 2 u-bolt sets. On the inside of the tire, place the plate that came with the u-bolt onto the u-bolt ends that are sticking through the tire. Secure the plates by screwing on the hex nuts.

(7) Find a sturdy tree branch that is ideally 8-12 feet off of the ground and hang a chain over it. Secure the chain onto the branch by fastening one end to another link within the chain using a carabiner. You should have extra chain length hanging below for adding additional attachments.

Make sure the point of attachment for your swing is at least a few feet away from the trunk. This will help with avoiding any obstructions while swinging.

(8) At the very end of the hanging chain, attach a spring snap.

(9) Once your hanging chain unit is fully put together, attach the three chains from the tire by sliding them onto the spring clip.

Each chain should be cut and or adjusted according to the height of your tree branch.

(10) If you'd like to add a comfy cushion, simply wedge a large pillow into the middle of the tire.

If your cushion requires extra security, place a piece of plywood across the bottom of the swing and attach it by drilling 2 screws into the tire through each side of the plywood.

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