How to Choose a Children's Indoor Trampoline?

How to Choose a Children's Indoor Trampoline?


If you want to learn more about the purchase of children's indoor trampolines, you can find a lot of useful information in this article.

tips and precautions for buying children's indoor trampolines
Trampoline sports are very beneficial to children's sports development and are highly entertaining, so they are more popular with children. Persistent exercise will make the child's leg muscles, cerebellar balance nervous system, and cerebral nervous system more developed, and can make the child grow taller. Based on years of experience, BIG ELEPHANT summarizes the following tips and precautions for buying children's indoor trampolines.

Purchase skills

1. Choose the jump cloth and the spring pad is integrated, linked by the webbing, the stitching is tight, firm, and will not break, to prevent the baby's feet from being accidentally inserted into the gap, and to ensure the safety of the baby.

2. The steel pipe used for support should be thick, durable, and not easy to wear. The load-bearing capacity is better, the large trampoline should be able to support the weight of an adult, and the small trampoline should consult its load-bearing capacity in advance.

3. Select the support legs of the triangular structure, which have good stability and are not easy to roll over.

4. Choose a thick and strong spring, which will not be deformed for a long time.

5. Trampoline with armrests, the armrests can be quickly folded for easy storage.

6. The armrest is made of foam material, which is soft, comfortable, easy to grasp, safe, and does not hurt the hand.

Selection tips

1. The size should be mastered well, and the purchase should be made according to the area of the home, so as not to buy a trampoline that is too large in size, cannot be accommodated in the home, or restricts the activities of the baby.

2. The product qualification certificate and production manual should be complete, and the quality will be more guaranteed.

3. If it is for a younger baby, please do not choose a trampoline product with many small accessories to prevent the baby from accidentally eating the parts.


1. Don't think that the more functions the trampoline have, the more suitable it is for children to play. In fact, the trampoline product has too many functions, which not only increases the cost, but also reduces the quality of the product, affects the most basic functions of the product, and shortens the life of the product.

2. In order to save costs, some merchants use waste and recycled materials as raw materials, and the workmanship is poor. In addition to the toxic and side effects of the material itself, it may also scratch the children's skin, and the products are not durable, and they will crack and break after playing a few times. Parents must choose carefully when purchasing.

3. Trampolines intended for children 36 months and younger should not have accessible functionally hazardous sharp edges. Toys intended for children 37-96 months should have a warning statement if they have functional sharp edges.

After buying a trampoline, we should always check the safety of the parts so as not to cause danger to children during play, and also clean and disinfect them regularly. BIG ELEPHANT can provide you with a sturdy and stable children's trampoline. If you have a demand for this, you can send your demand to us, and we will give you a satisfactory answer in time.

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