Why Are Round Net Swings So Popular?

Why Are Round Net Swings So Popular?


This article will share the characteristics and advantages of round net swings in detail to help you better understand the reasons for their popularity.

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Round net swings are a semi-rigid structure with a rim and a binding inside in the form of a net. This device is suspended from a strong metal crossbar or beam on thick ropes using powerful carabiners. Under the swing-nest, you can allocate a separate place in the local area by installing special frame support for them.

In order to make the swing as safe as possible, the seat-rim is braided from a climbing rope or a tow rope. The middle of the center part of the seat is made of ropes intertwined in the form of a spider web, which is fastened with a rim along the entire radius. The followings are the characteristics and advantages of children's round nest swing.

Features of round net swings

The peculiarity of the nest swing is not only the unusual rounded shape of the seat and its size, but it also has additional features for children's entertainment:

(1) The "basket" is designed for children and even adults.

(2) The children's swing-nest can accommodate several children at the same time from either side.

(3) The device can swing in any direction, children can sit, lie, stand and jump.

(4) With the design of the basket-seat in the form of an oval, the swing can be adapted for the daytime sleep of children as a hammock.

(5) The magnitude of the force pressure on the hanging ropes of the nest swing is several times higher than the load on the suspensions of the traditional swing.

(6) Round net swing can be made more mobile if powerful and sturdy carabiners are used as suspensions.

Advantages of round nest swings

(1)The device is designed for a heavyweight (up to 250 kg) and can be used by a whole group of children and adults.

(2) The structure does not have sharp corners, it is sheathed with strong fabric, high-strength multi-core rope, or cable.

(3) The swing can be used outdoors or at home.

(4) The device is adapted to any weather conditions, does not deteriorate, and does not rust.

(5) Easy to store, clean.

(6) Swings are quick to install, they are mobile and do not take up much space (you can take them on a hike, on vacation, or on a visit).

(7) Simple fastening to a sturdy crossbar, accessible support, or to wood.

(8)The round nest swing is multifunctional - you can sit, lie, stand or bounce. Do-it-yourself hoop swings are used as a hammock.

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