What are the benefits of kid's use of kid's trampoline

What are the benefits of kid's use of kid's trampoline


At gift, kid's play places are quite easy, either naughty castles in purchasing malls, or offline sports and health training training.

At present, there are quite a lot of playgrounds for children, either Taobao naughty castles or offline sports and fitness training. Children who want to exercise accurately at home in the modern epidemic are also worried about their parents.

Nowadays, some smart parents have thought of sports activities suitable for their children, and selected a trampoline with a large amount of exercise and a variety of ways for their children.
Conditional parents can install large outdoor trampolines to form a social world for their children.
Why do parents give their children a trampoline and what does it do

1. Increase top and decorative muscle strength

Trampoline exercise can mechanically stimulate the child's bones, promote the prosperity of the bones, and make the child grow taller. Exercise the muscle strength of the child's body while playing, and effectively strengthen the child's abdominal muscles, psoas, rebound muscles and limb assistance.

2. Promote children's cardiopulmonary function and enhance metabolism

Trampoline exercise can enhance the function of children's respiratory organs and has a significant effect on preventing common diseases of the respiratory tract; it can also accelerate blood circulation, strengthen metabolism, promote cardiac muscle, and enhance cardiac contractility and load capacity, thereby enhancing the function of many organs in the child's body. The child is healthy.

3. Decorate Pediatric Gastrointestinal Peristalsis

At the same time, the energy intake of trampoline is several times that of other sports, and digestion is multiplied - the child will feel hungry faster than the standard, indicating that the peristalsis of the abdomen is accelerating - the urge to eat food is accelerated, nutrition The absorption is more comprehensive, and the child develops higher. Children with anorexia and refusal to swallow need more exercise.

4. Promote the improvement of the child's nervous system and body

Trampoline can do all kinds of fancy movements, so that children can regularly form a series of conditioned reflex training from diseases, so that teenagers can establish connections in key parts of the brain through these tactile stimulation and muscle training, which can cultivate eyesight, ears, hearing, and mind. Thinking and Judgment! Body movements become more agile and coordinated! Muscle tissue actually developed!

5. Save your pain
The body can strengthen its immunity through exercise. When children exercise on the trampoline, they are usually in motion and can feel the stimulation of changes in the external environment. There may be oxygen, which accelerates blood circulation and promotes metabolism, thereby enhancing the body's immunity.

6. Improve the child's mastery and attention, and decorate the child's self-confidence
Children are often very concentrated when gambling, and the sum of play and exercise on the trampoline makes children more curious about physical activity. Trampoline sports activities can promote exchanges of various cultures, enhance children's communication skills, enhance children's team awareness, improve children's self-discipline and responsiveness, and enhance children's self-belief. Research proves that children have higher awareness, advanced mastery and better educational performance after exercise.

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