How to Choose the Right Size Trampoline for Your Child?

How to Choose the Right Size Trampoline for Your Child?


In order to avoid the children's trampoline bought back can not be used normally, please consider and measure before purchasing: What diameter should my backyard trampoline actually be? Let's look at some important factors.

Do you want to buy a new kids' trampoline? Then be sure to determine the correct trampoline size before buying a trampoline, as the trampoline is too big and it may not fit in your backyard. If the trampoline size is too small, it will be embarrassing for children to play to their fullest. So consider and measure before buying: What diameter should my backyard trampoline actually be? Let's look at some important factors.

How do I choose the right size trampoline for my family and kids?

Buying a discount trampoline from a discount or hardware store at lightning speed can be a bad decision in the long run. Before buying a new trampoline for your child, be sure to check the following points.



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Proper trampoline size

While we can't tell from a far distance which trampoline size is right for your backyard. But we can give you some tips on how to easily determine the ideal trampoline diameter for you, and then let your kids enjoy their new trampoline at home.

Which trampoline diameter is best for your child?

The most common sizes on the market are diameters 140/240/305/360/430 cm. A few centimeters may vary because some manufacturers create or measure the diameter differently. But you can also find oval trampolines and rectangular backyard trampolines in different sizes.

The guiding principle here is: don't determine roughly, determine precisely!

The space on the ground must be found to be the ground space. Because hillside locations naturally increase the risk of tipping over while jumping on a trampoline. You should also note that there is still about 2 meters of space around the trampoline.

Even if your lawn looks large, trampolines shouldn't be parked under a tree or directly against a fence or backyard wall. Equally important, it is best not to place the trampoline directly in the middle of the lawn. Otherwise, the backyard cannot be used for other recreational activities such as football or badminton.

Maybe you also want to barbecue on the lawn. The trampoline cannot stand directly next to it; otherwise, flying sparks may damage the trampoline.

The best way is to lay a rope of the diameter you want on the grass. Measure carefully and see what the size of your backyard looks like. If you have a large yard, try a trampoline one size larger.

Even with a protective net, about 1.5 meters of free space is required around the trampoline. The risk of jumping next to it on a high trampoline is simply too great!

Trampoline customers rely on an average diameter of 300cm and above.

Through our extensive research, users have found that trampolines with a diameter of 300 cm or larger are the most comfortable. These models come in a very comfortable trampoline size, giving your family enough freedom of movement and leisure fun. Due to their size, these trampolines are safer for children. Because there is less risk of accidental falls and jumps "besides" than using a small trampoline.

Jumper size

Another thing to consider is the height of the jumpers, or more accurately their weight. The 2.5m model may be more or less suitable for toddlers, but as your child gets older and weighs more, you should probably switch to a 3m or larger model. The latter can support more weight and activities.

If an adult is going to use it, you should choose a full-size trampoline designed to support the added weight.

How active are your little jumpers?

A large trampoline is great for active jumpers, not only adding bounce but also providing room to move around. As kids grow into teens, their expectations for trampolines will be higher, and many of them will start performing tricks like somersaults for more fun and to test their physical limits. Some kids who use trampolines are comparable to gymnasts in the skills they develop.

How to care for your trampoline?

To avoid premature wear of the trampoline pad, it is best to remove your shoes. A protective tarp protects the jump pad from bad weather; the rest of the structure can be easily washed with soapy water.

Due to the above-average size of the trampoline, which is not in the same price range as the average garden trampoline, many people are tempted to make price comparisons and pay attention to every penny. 

If you choose cheap but inferior hardware, you are taking a big risk. In the worst-case scenario, one of your children is injured and they have to deal with irreparable damage for the rest of their lives. That is very dangerous.

It is best to choose a children's trampoline with high-quality workmanship. Not only will your kids have fun, but you'll also feel more at ease. If you are planning to buy a children's trampoline, please contact us.

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